Where I want to be


I am tired of grafting as I do to get richer and maintain that wealth.
That’s why celebrity status would make my life so much easier!
Look at the celebrities today and the money that they can demand because they are in the public eye. You don’t even have to have a talent, be smart or even good looking nowadays!
Ex celebs , that can’t command such high money are entering themselves on celebrity reality television programmes to boost themselves in the public eye so that they can command high money, re-vitalising their image and once again enjoy the celebrity status! Everybody is doing it, and for some it works, look at Peter Andre and Katie Price for an example, a one hit wonder singer and a ex-page three girl, since their appearance in I am celebrity get me out of here, they have become a million pound enterprise.
On the high end of the scale there is Posh and Becks, Posh an average singer in what was once one of the biggest pop groups and Becks a premier league football player. In the early days Becks not too keen on the limelight, but how things have changed, he can now command a contract of £128 Million, and we all know that its not his now so average playing skills that LA Galaxy have bought into but the Brand Beckham itself, Posh and Becks have been able to transform themselves into a household name.

A – List celebs are making millions and will continue to do so, for their weddings they are being paid millions, for pictures of the babies they are being paid millions, to have a look inside their house they are being paid millions!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking them, good luck to celebrities!
We would all like to have it rather than going to work!!