Second Million

How to get rich – it’s not for everybody!

When people talk about getting rich and having a lot of money one day, you can see by looking at them, standing at the bar, where they stand everyday of the week, pint in hand that it won’t happen for them. Without insulting people how do you tell them, that this will never happen!

To be rich, to be at the top, making money has to be your top priority, business must become more important than family, friends, socialising, hobbies, holidays, everything!

When you have the money then you can begin to enjoy these things, until such time business is your number one priority!
You still have to maintain making money as it can so easily drift away, and be taken away from you.

When you have money everybody wants to take it away. The tax man being one of the government authorities that takes your money away. They take away a lot of money and then all off a sudden they decide that you must be paying more and to prove that you don’t will cost you yet more money!!