Business Opportunities

Sales Team

I am very keen to get a sales team on board, which I feel (apart from C Barber 3-4 yrs ago,) I have never had.
Although with Chris, one salesman, we were able to make over £1 million in a short period of time. I have decided to start two, possibly three sales guys at the same time and work like Alan Sugar, on the process of elimination. If they can hack the pressure, sell the goods and earn the money then they can stay on board…..but not everybody is the great salesman that they think they are.

Week 1 (15-01-07 / 19-01-07)
I have started three guys with me this week , and one guy in particular who shone out with his CV, I even gave him ten out of ten, unfortunately he has not been able to come up with the goods and as with the process of elimination has left the company before he even started really.

Week 2 (22/01/07 – 27/01/07)
I am down to one already!
The second of the three guys who started last week, didn’t even last 24hrs! He arrived looking like a rabbit in the headlights, and crashed and burned within hours. He obviously didn’t believe me in the interview when I said there would be pressure, instant results needed to be seen to stay on!

The remaining salesman of the three started last week, appears to be pulling the goods out the bag, maybe I have found my apprentice….we’ll see it’s only early days.

I have interviewed a potential sales guy this morning, seemed ok. I have left the ball in his court, up to him if he wants to come on board.
I will reserve judgement on this one for the moment…..