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Tax Investigation

Totally instigated from racism they have scrutinized me for the last year, finding out how they can take more money from me, I was told this was a random investigation, this happened before 7 years, ago, tax man told me then that this should only happen once in a lifetime, and what a surprise being investigated again, all instigated as they see a black man driving a Bentley, they are trying to take the privilege away from me, or make things so difficult that I sell it and get rid of it, its eats them up inside to see a black man driving nice cars, owning nice things, living in nice houses. I have paid fortunes in the last few years on tax, and to slow me down in my business and personal life I get investigated, so I can’t have such nice things, to make these racist people feel superior.

Two guys are coming down tomorrow, to steal some more money, because of the colour of my skin, and whats amazing about this, if I don’t allow them to take more money they have threatened me with further investigations, I have never been late with payments, have always paid national insurance and tax, in the past four years I have paid over £300,000 in income tax and national insurance, and they still want more, is this right? And they will always try to slow me down with investigation after investigation; however, they will not stop me as I am a winner.

I will keep you posted as to the outcome of the meeting and hopefully the end of the investigation!