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As quick as they can make you they can break you

The incident with Jade Goody has shown to everybody how easily the media that have made you the celebrity can take it away just as easily and far more quickly!
“As quick as they can make you they can break you”

It’s my personal opinion that Jade Goody has been made a scape goat.
Anybody that is scrutinized for 24hrs every day of the week with hidden cameras and microphones will make comments that offend.
And in this case these have been deemed as Racial Comments, what is the definition of a racist comment? When you see an Indian you may say poppodom, or do you live in a shack, to me that’s no more offensive that saying to fat people to get off their fat arse to get something and go to the gym or saying to a northerner to learn how to speak properly.

The government have jumped on the band wagon in this instance saying how anti-racist they are and how they won’t tolerate it.
In my opinion the government employs a large percentage of people that I would deem racist. Get them in a big brother style environment, hidden cameras and microphones with people from all round the world, Blacks, Asian, Eastern Europeans and see how many racist comments are made. I think that the whole thing is completely out of order.

I have been a victim of what I believe to be racism my whole life.
To me the definition of Racism is being victimised by the authorities, the government, the police and the tax man, to name but a few.
Why am I under investigation from the tax man, because I am black and I live in a nice house, I have nice things? As soon as I bought my Bentley I was under investigation with the Bournemouth Tax Authorities, “why has that black man got a Bentley and I haven’t”
When I applied for planning permission to build an annex onto my house for an indoor swimming pool, twenty one people opposed the application and one opposition being from a household over 8 miles away, that is just unbelievable and to me proof that I am being victimised because of the colour of my skin, people don’t want me to succeed with my life, they can’t have that, they need to feel superior to the black man!

Being a black man, I know that there is a certain amount of mickey taken throughout the community, for an example I saw a guy the other day and said “hey microphone head” the guy had an afro, there was no racist comment, just an observation!