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Mis Banking

When anybody says that it’s ok for him he’s got loads of money, they don’t know how wrong they are.
Any successful business man suffers with stress of some kind on a daily basis.
There is always something to go wrong. It could be the business not performing, members of staff, tax man, vat man, trading standards, vehicles broken down with no recovery cover, legal suits claiming that you are passing off intellectual rights etc, there is always something.
The latest worry in the world of Self was a telephone call at half past six last night, where I was informed that £57,554 cheque that I paid in to an account by bankers draft, for an item we sold, has gone missing, not received in to that account!
We received this bankers draft, and double checked the bank account details, and took it to the bank personally to pay in, we have a bank receipt to confirm that it’s paid in, and then the call to say that it’s most probably lost in the system, unless we can find it, it will not count as cleared affects into the account, and payment still due!
Of course there is nothing that you can do at half six seven a clock in the evening except call up your assistant and general manager/in house accountant and yell the hell out of them, so that they can also share the stress and ask them why they haven’t done anything to protect this bankers draft, i.e. photo copy it ,where was the original payment receipt, nobody was admitting that they had seen it, I felt that somebody else should share some of this stress, and made both their lives hell last night, it didn’t make me feel better, but they are two of the longest serving members of staff, and I thought that they should share some of the stress!
I had a sleepless night and so did they, how are we going to recover this money that has been lost! Katie and Steve were already on the case before I got to work this morning, and with one phone call Katie had located the draft in the clients’ suspense account, it was a great relief to hear this, but one hell of a lot of stress for all, on one evening. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, to think that you have lost such an amount through miss banking, keeps you up at night!
In future we will be copying everything, bankers draft, receipts, payments slips to make the search a lot easier if it was to ever come to that, what a night!

The bright side of this morning is today, we take delivery on the New Mercedes AMG S class in black, which I am looking forward to, and I will just chill for the rest of the day, I thought I was going to be running around banks today, but I have some time free now, so life can go on!