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The end of the month arrived and things look good

The end of the month arrived and things look good.

Our trading has gone great guns especially for the start of the year!
We nearly lost our salesman after he received his pay cheque; fortunately we were able to solve this situation amicably. This is something that I have never done before, I am glad that we were able to sort this out, and he didn’t leave, everyone’s happy for now!

Next few months we will be buying buying buying….offers should be coming in with the end of the January Sales. I have decided that it may be beneficial to get into the retail trade that is where the big bucks are!

I had pretty much decided that the vending side of the business was on its arse, until a telephone call this week. This call alerted me to the fact that a sole importer for a particular vending product is going out of business, this may be my opportunity to make some money, after all the vending business has made me a few millions in the past.