Business Opportunities

The pressure is always on…

The pressure is always on being a business man, particularly if you want to fly straight.

There is so much unnecessary correspondence and administration that has to be done, from following the ever changing government regulations, keeping insurances up together, health and safety, legal correspondence the list just goes on and on….

The latest incident at the Self Group is a legal matter, yet again more time and effort involved in unnecessary correspondence. I don’t mind fighting the battle when it is us at fault, however in this instance we have nothing to do with, so now we are trying to keep Self Trading out of the frame where someone else has placed us. And of course the ever running scenario of the tax man wanting money from me, not only are they now trying to take me to court, but for money that I do not owe them, figures are completely wrong and it just goes on…..

I am still excited about the wholesale trading, and we are continuously growing, I am also looking at buying from the States, I have been able to buy some dollars at one of the best rates for years, enabling me to buy clearout stock from the states, where it is a multi billion dollar industry, import it into the UK and still sell at knock down prices for the UK consumers, I can’t go wrong!

It has been decided to put back the opening of the Self Mart stores, until after I return from Antigua, (a married man!) I am looking forward to rolling out these stores, and franchising them, I am sure that this is going to be a great success, not only for me but for everyone else that gets involved!!

The weather has been great and thankfully my swimming pool was completed just in time to enjoy this fantastic weather, I get up in the morning and can have a nice early morning swim in 85 degrees, it can’t get better than that!?

Daryl SelfI intend to treat myself this summer, with the purchase of a Ferrari F430 Spider, I was a little unsure until a good friend of mine let me borrow his for the week. This has definitely swayed my decision, I am having one! It has caused me some amusement borrowing my friends, as his number plate reads 1WB, people seeing me around town, have commented on the plate meaning “wide boy”, it made me laugh!

Daryl SelfSo much happens on a day to day basis, that I am having trouble finding the time to keep my blog updated as much as I would like, and I will be talking more about business in the future.

That’s it for now, stay tuned folks!