Business Opportunities

Just briefly…

I haven’t put much on here lately I have been so wrapped up in everyday life and business that I just haven’t had the time. My last entry being my wedding, since then I have been spending time in Spain, finally finishing off the building work in my apartment, so that now I can actually enjoy the time that I spend there, rather than working, again.
My first Self Mart store is now well underway, with leases signed, shop fittings arriving and the doors due to open in the next couple of weeks! I know that this is going to be a successful concept and it will prove itself in the next year, enabling me to open another two stores this year, and then next year being able to franchise them out nationally! I still believe that this concept has got plenty of potential and is going to be a success!
Generally business is ok, and we are managing to keep our heads above water, I am hoping for a few big deals with the trading this year, to get us into earning big money again.
One of the most difficult things in life is getting your wealth and then maintaining it, there are always good times and bad times.
It feels like there are always people trying to take money from me, if it’s not the tax man it’s my kids, and if it’s not my kids, it’s my friends. Yet again last week, I had to help my friends out with money, to prevent them from getting a substantial proportion of their real estate portfolio being re-possessed! That’s not all, if it’s not all the above, it will be paying for mistakes that you have made, fines and penalties….the list just goes on….
I will keep you updated to all the adventures that go on within the Self Group and try not to bore you all too much with the boring mundane day to day business.
So long…..

And more on the house in Miami, coming soon!