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Thats How They Roll

Business is going well at the moment, the only trouble that I am having is getting the right team behind me so that I can move forward, and if for some reason I am not able to be in the office, either sick or away on business, the company does not grind to a halt!
I am in a recruitment frenzy, buyers, shop assistants, right hand men/women, staff with the right attitude, commitment, drive and determination to enable me to share the load.
Any of you reading this that feel that you have something to offer then take a look at our recruitment page here,
With the weekend that I have just had, I realise that I have got to buck my ideas up and have come into work to kick some arse!
We have had a fantastic weekend at our friends wedding in London, where no expense was spared, this really was 5* all the way, guests staying at Claridges, with the wedding reception there also, the food was out of this world and the champagne may has well been on tap, it continually flowed from beginning to end, almost 15 hours, and my beautiful wife was the chief bridesmaids for the day, and looked just as amazing as she did on our own wedding day, and receivd a Gucci bag for the pleasure!

Guests arrived in the cars; Rolls Royce Phantoms, Bentley GT’s and Azures, made me want to park my S Class well out of the way of seeing eyes!

This whole weekend has shown me how much more I need to do to get up there with them, that is how I want to roll!!!!