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Still a child at heart

Still at child at heart!
My workload is up to my neck at the moment, but things are going well, so I can’t complain!

Daryl SelfEvery now and again to release some pressure and stress I go for a burnout on my quad, there is a child inside of me that I just can’t get out!

Unfortunately this time, while riding over Kings Park, I upset a few people with excessive noise and tearing up the gravel in the car park.

I think that I may be one of the eldest people to be issued an ASBO, for those of you that don’t know this is an Anti Social Behaviour Order, issued by the local police, much to mine and their amusement!

I have been warned though that should they receive any further complaints they are well within their rights to confiscate my quad! So I guess that I will have to grow up a little bit and use my quad in the right places!

This week I have started a blog for Louis, when I started mine I had, and still have a lot of history to catch up on, whereas Louis only has 4 years! I think that it will be a great thing for him, a testimony of his life from birth to present day, and I will write it until he is old enough to take over.