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It’s that time again where I have to start recruiting for salesman.

When you advertise for a salesman, why is it that every idiot that has sold something at one point in their life applies, it is very rare that a true salesman comes along.

A salesman in my eyes is not someone on the end of the telephone selling insurance or other utilities to people that call in, or a shop assistant in a furniture store! These ‘salesman’ are all selling something that people want, the customer goes to them because they want something!

I was approached by a guy, who told me that he was top salesman for one of the leading furniture stores, broke all monthly, yearly targets etc for a job, impressed with his talk, I invited him in the for the day, well he couldn’t even work out how to use the phone, top salesman for furniture store he might be, put how hard is it to sell someone something that they want, they actually come to the store to buy. These customers are coming in to buy a settee, not a horse or a car, now if you were able to sell them one of those when they came into buy a settee, that’s a salesman!

Another guy that had a job with me, lasted three days, again gave it the big I am the best salesman, broke all targets, bla bla bla, in truth, he was just a jumped up tele canvasser!

People around me have to sell products to people that they haven’t even thought about, they have to go out and find the customer to suit the product, hitting their targets and making good money, if they can make the grade, and be a true salesman then they can earn the £100k a year +, unfortunately for me a good true salesman is a rare as rocking horse shit!

If you are reading this and think that you are the salesman that can sell anything to anyone then give us a call, check out the job description here..

“Not a salesman?! then get out of my office!”