Business Opportunities

Just laying out money…

Well what can I say, business at the moment is crap to say the least, I have started a lot of things at the same time, so it is all outlay……

I guess that because I always play with my own money I feel it all more than the other boys, I am always 100% financed by myself!

Three things going at the moment, wholesale, retail and online trading;
The expansion of Self Trading wholesale is continual, but buying the right stock at the right price is not easy.Unfortunatley everybody thinks that their products are worth a fortune, but when it comes to selling nobody wants to pay anything for it, so it is quite a hard act to get it in the middle at the moment.

The opening and expansions of the Self Mart stores, a growing beast that continually needs feeding! The stores are definately going places, but it is getting the continuity of stock right. We are trying to get it so that when people pick up the baskets they come to the till with them full not with a few items in the bottom!

Online auction site, a great site, which is in its early stages, we are already selling well through this site and offering others the opportunity to sell their products on our site too.This potentially could be the Ebay of the trading market, but we have a lot of work to do yet, anyone with any specialist skills in online auction sites let me know!

Hopefully one of these, if not all three will come back in and start making me lots of money if not this year, but early next!

Not only do I have the above to contend with but office space, warehousing and storage it’s all money going out and not enough coming in at the moment.

As an entrepreneur I understand that things have to go backwards to go forwards!

There is one thing about me at least you can say I am honest, when I am not making money I will tell you and not pretend that I am, so all of those that aren’t in my fan club can have a laugh at this, but just for now, watch this space, it will turn around in the near future!!!!!!!