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Tax Man – Yet Again

What a surprise I have a tax investigation again, today I have received a letter from Miss Lewis of the Bournemouth Tax Office informing me of yet another tax investigation into my affairs!

I am at the end of my tether; it is now obvious to me and those around me that the continual investigation from the Tax Office can only be construed as Victimisation, Harassment and Discrimination. I really didn’t think that I was that big a fish in this town, but obviously the tax man thinks that I am.

I know a lot of people that do not play the game, will do anything to avoid not paying all or even not paying at all! I have played the game properly my whole life, but to what benefit, just more victimisation, harassment and discrimination.

You can never win; whatever the outcome of the investigation it will always cost me money, £1000’s upon £1000’s on in house accounts staff, accountants etc. This they know, all they want to do is to prevent me from keep climbing the ladder.

I have decided that this time they are not going to get away with it, I am seeking advice from my Local MP, Tobias Ellwood and other independent parties that are available to me as this just isn’t right, it is a continual distraction to the success of my businesses.

The worst thing about being investigated is that if they, the Inland Revenue, are not happy with your response they will just let you know what they think you might owe them, what they call an assessment, irrelevant of whether you do or not owe them any money, and then if you fail to pay this fictitious amount, that they believe you owe, they can send the bailiffs in to recover the money!!

This has just got to stop, it’s yet another reason to seriously consider leaving this country, it is a shame to think that because of one part of the systems continual victimisation, harassment and discrimination that I may leave, but I am and always have been an upstanding citizen and employer, surely there has got to be something wrong, somewhere?

If any of you out there have any advice and other channels that I can go down to stop this then please let me know, any advice will be greatly appreciated.