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Business Today

Since my last posting business has picked up, to the extent that we are now chocker! It’s amazing what two or three weeks can do.
I have got loads of new lines in for the store through clearance and the dreaded wholesalers!!
I am now at the level that I can work at, and work at to make bigger! It’s like building a house; you can only build as long as you have bricks.
Unfortunately my plans for having three stores open by Christmas have been delayed, however I know aim to have another store open in the New Year with more to follow hot on its heels!
At the moment the right choice of shop is not around, and it’s not only important to have the right footfall but also in the right area, it is all about location location!

Areas where there are shoppers with a disposable income is where I need to be, and somehow i don’t think where we are with the first shop is that.

I am going to try a few more shops in other locations before I decide to give up on the retailing, I have spoken to friends of mine in the business, and they have said that it took them two or three goes before they got it right!

I guess that these large multiples have stores that are making losses and others that are making huge profits, and they balance each other out, I am not quite at that stage, just yet!

Another expansion on our retail side is I have decided to open up the lower floor of one of our warehouses, as an outlet, especially with the run up to Christmas. Again my retailer friends have advised me that those customers coming out specifically to see you will be spending. Let’s see how this goes, I will keep you informed!

Generally all is well, I will write again soon with something a bit more exciting, hopefully that is not too far away!