Business Opportunities

New Right Hand Man

I have taken on a new right hand man; he seems to be very good, came to work for me on a week’s trial and still decided to come on board!

I decided to pay out the big bucks this time and let’s hope that it all pays off, he fits in to our quirky office environment, picks up the phone, appears to be intelligent, works well and I feel that he is going to be a good asset for the company.

Let’s hope that next year is a good year for all us, we all work hard and deserve a little break in the New Year. This year has been a pretty level year for us, the website is up the top on all the major search engines, let’s hope that we get more enquiries for the new year, get some good deals to bed and start making some serious money”!

My target for next year is £1 Million profit; otherwise I will have to re consider my options!

I have another website under development at the moment; a site for owners to advertise their holiday properties on direct to the holiday makers, theory is that next year 10,000 people will be paying to advertise their property on our website, generating a massive revenue stream with hopefully minimal effort.
We also have our online store, where we are starting to specialise in certain products, we have launched the TV Wall Brackets site this month, and again, hopefully this is going to generate a steady income.

So all in all, everything is lined up for a good year, and of course I look forward to more products being launched with the Self Brand!

Little bit of gossip for you all, I am currently looking to buy something spectacular at the moment, can’t say much right now, but I can give you a clue in Robinson Crusoe!!!