Business Opportunities

Making Money

Making money has taken a back seat just for the moment, while all our efforts have been concentrating on our new projects, which as I have mentioned previously are all IT based.

I had to make the business decision to reduce our warehousing space, staff and shops, in today’s climate this was the right decision and was not the way forward.

The Self Mart store in Boscombe closed this week, from this store I learnt that we were not able to provide enough continuity with the bankrupt stock, and did not want to purchase from wholesalers making us like any other cheap store.
I was also under the illusion that working in a shop required little more than a pulse, however this was proved wrong and as normal I ended up with staff that barely had a pulse to begin with! Definitely not the road for me!

I am delighted to say that the progress of our online stores is great and I am pleased that the launch of Self Toy and Self Temptation are imminent for release to the global domain May/ June time of this year!

The launch of Self Property Rental, an online advertising space for property owners to rent their property direct to the holiday maker, is proving a great success, we are rapidly expanding with a sales team I am sure that this is definitely a winner!

My target was to have 4000-5000 properties on by the end of the year, however since our launch in January we already have 1500 properties uploaded to the site and it is looking great!

We have yet to reach the top of the search engines, so with that amount of properties advertising already the only way is up from here on in!

We are constantly working on the optimization of the site, with destination guides and news articles being added daily, sooner rather than later we will be appearing on the top of every major search engine for the world to see when they are looking for Property Rental!

Property owners have to pay a minimal fee of £100 for a full years advertising, all they need is just one days rental with us to cover that cost, however, my aim is to get a minimum average of 3 weeks rental for the owners, and with top ranking pages on the search engines this will be an achievable task!

This site has massive potential and I am really pleased with its progress so far… all I can say is check it out for yourself, find your ideal holiday home