Holidays and Adventures

Las Vegas here we come!

Daryl Self
Things have been busy this week and business is looking great, I am slightly worried about going away for three weeks and things going off the boil….

Got a great three weeks ahead of me, and for Jo and Louis! We are heading off to Las Vegas next week to join in the thousands of English Supporters attending the Joe Galzaghe Fight!

Those of you that are avid readers of my blog, will know that Joe and his boys are friends of mine, so not only will we be there prior to the fight and on the fight but we will also be attending the after show party, which I am sure will have a whole list of A list celebrities attending!

There is quite a few of us going to watch Joe’s fight and we all know that he going to kick Bernard Hopkins Ass!

We have all been watching the pre fight propaganda, getting hyped up ready for the actually fight and cannot wait to get ringside to cheer our boy on!
Check out the following videos for you to see what has been happening so far….

I have also included some video footage of Bernard Hopkins, the man that Joe is going to beat this April 19!

After the fight, Jo,(my lovely wife not Joe Calzalghe!) Louis and I will be spending a day in New York before jetting down to Antigua for some R & R with the Back II Life crew!
This will also be a chance for me and Jo to celebrate our first wedding anniversary in the same place that we got married, along with Louis celebrating his 5th birthday with us before his big party when we get back!