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Grand Canyon

Today we decided to do the Grand Canyon tour, Jo and Louis decided they didn’t want to go as they wanted to see Siegfried and Roy’s white tigers and lions, so I went with Brian , Daisy and a few of her family.

We went up in the helicopter, a 2 ½ hr round trip, he was not just a tour guide on the Canyon he also knew a lot about Vegas, some of the facts that he told me were outstanding, for instance where the rest of America is in recession, Vegas is booming and is an expanding city, with over 2000 people per month coming to live in Vegas. The top hotels take in the region of $10 million per day, the largest hotel used to be the MGM with 4000 rooms but has now been over taken by the Venetian with 8000 rooms, and each room for the hotels employ approximately two members of staff per room per hotel.

The money that is made and spent in Las Vegas is not just from the casinos, this is just a part of the revenue for Vegas, and the rest comes from tours, concerts, exhibitions, shows, conferences and shopping. This income is 354 days of the year and increasing on a daily basis! Which makes me think hang on, there has got to be an opening for the Self Enterprise over here, I am now looking seriously at options available to me, taking advantage of my status and business abilities.

Back to the Grand Canyon….

The tour could have been a little bit smoother, did have some strong winds, I found this exciting, but our other passengers weren’t that comfortable with it!

It was amazing to see the Grand Canyon from the air; there are shear drops of over mile!

We flew over the Hoover damn which is an amazing piece of construction; they are currently building another road for traffic to cross over this half mile drop!

Flew over the Skywalk, which is built by the Indians, this has a glass bottom looking down the shear drop of the Canyon at one of the highest points along the Canyon.

The pictures that I have taken only show an indication of the drops!

The only downside of this tour was that we couldn’t land to look at the drops, next time I will make sure that I do this.

On the way back we flew next to our hotel, it was amazing to see our hotel from the air

Not really sure that I am ready to leave Las Vegas, but our schedule is to carry on to New York and Antigua, but I can see me coming back here very soon, there is so much business potential and this trip has shown me that the office back at home doesn’t necessarily need my physical presence on a full time basis, as they have been coping quite well without me!