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He won in Las Vegas

Our trip to Las Vegas has been so fantastic and is still not over!

There is so much to see and do, hotels, entertainment, it is all so mind blowing, and the weather has been great.

Saturday Night was fight night, the night that we had all been waiting for, why we are all here, to support our boy, Joe Calzaghe! It was great to be here with my wife and our friends, Jason, Daisy and Brian, Steve and his friend James, really made it all that extra bit exciting to share such a great night with our close friends!
Daryl Self

Joe was great, and he retained his World Title by going the full twelve rounds with Bernard Hopkins, leaving Bernard to eat his words; he has now been beaten by a white man!

The fight was held in the Thomas and Mac arena, which is a purpose built venue for these types of things, and does it all so much better than the hotels.

I have never been under the same roof brushing shoulders with so many stars, Arnie Schwarzenegger, Sly Stallone, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jay Z, Jamie Foxx, Tom Jones, Catherine Zeta Jones, to name just a few!

The whole crowd went wild with Joe being named the winner, it was then off to the after party, which was hosted by Prive Club in the Planet Hollywood resort and casino, the party was attended by loads of the top celebs! My wife Jo, was able to get her picture taken with Tom Jones, who sang the Welsh National Anthem at the fight, and her and Daisy were able to have a picture taken with Whitney Houston, who looked great!

The after party gave me the opportunity to catch up with one of my good mates Joe Egan, who was also a great fighter in his day and well known for being Mike Tysons sparing partner, and it is good to see that things are going really well for him!

Famed for being named by Mike Tyson as the “toughest white man on the planet” Joes autobiography is available from all major book shops, include our favourite amazon, click here to order your copy today!

Daryl Self

My wife Jo and I had a great time at the party, with Jason, Brian and Daisy, Steve and James and we were able to enjoy some drinks with my mate Sergio, Matt and of course the man of the moment that is Joe Calzaghe!

Daryl Self

Daryl Self

Also fighting that night was the young protégée that is Nathan Cleverly, who will soon be fighting for his own world title; he is a good boxer and won his fight also so he was in good spirits at the party too!

Daryl Self

There was also the chance to meet Enzo Maccarinelli, also being trained in the Calzaghe camp, with his most recent fight being with David Haye at the O2, Arena.

Daryl Self

I have to admit though that it was like being back at home in Bournemouth as so many of us lads had flown out to support our Welsh Boy!

This was one of the best nights out I have had in a long time, thanks to everybody, and like I said before was even better that we were able to share it with Jason, Brian and Daisy!

Only a few days left in Las Vegas and hopefully want to get in a trip to the Grand Canyon, weather permitting, helicopters aren’t too good in 40mph gusts of wind!

Tuesday we are off to New York and from there onto Antigua to finish off our little family vacation!