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So called Millionares

I find it funny with this credit crunch with all the so called millionaire builders, the property market had to stop the way that is was going, property could not keep going up 20-30% every year.
All the so called high rolling property developer charlies’ just couldn’t see it coming.
I laugh at these idiots calling themselves property developers, they would buy a development come in with sub-contractors, over spend on the build as they don’t know what they are doing, and would still get profit on the bottom line as the market was increasing, this was what was carrying them through, without the 20-30% these big time charlies’ are going backwards and falling by the wayside in their droves.
They can no longer pull 100% of the market value out of their property portfolios year after year and the majority of their portfolio is now in negative equity.
I don’t really feel sorry for these people, I said to them that it was coming, they were never really developers just money jugglers, one person in particular came up to me one night while I was having a meal and I asked him how he was doing, he laughed and replied that he was more than ok he had £60 million worth of property in his portfolio, well now who’s laughing, I would say that know he had at least £30 million of negative equity hanging around his neck, and still owing the bank sixty, that sounds like a great deal!
All these “developers” now have to stop giving it the big one and start working for their money!
IT is the future for me, although it is not my field I am learning more and more everyday.
My Self Property Rental website is showing really good signs, and I know that this worldwide credit crunch will not affect it, in fact it may be the extra boost that we require! People that have bought a holiday property as an investment are now not finding this is the case and if they were to sell they would loose 20-30% and in some cases 50%, they are therefore looking at renting their properties out to return some of their yield on the property.
I have recruited a telesales team manager, who is currently checking the worldwide parameters and will be looking at starting a full time team within the next two months , and we will be hitting a target of 100 properties uploaded to the site on a daily basis within no time!
This business is property market fool proof, whether the market goes up or down this will be a success.