Business Opportunities

Is it time to take on an Investor ?

Daryl Self
I feel that it is about time that I wrote a little about business, after all this is my business blog!

I have been keeping my head down for the last year or so, deeply involved in the new business projects that are currently being developed.

I now believe that the climate is right to start looking for investors, I have never done this before and it is not a case of needing to, it is more of case of sharing the business risks with another.

Normally you will find that investors are more than happy to put money into night clubs and restaurants regardless of the profits that can and can’t be made from the business, just so they can have their name linked to the next big thing, parade around claiming ownership to a nightclub, basically giving it the big I am!

I have known other people to say that the only safe investment was with bricks and mortar, in the current climate this was not such a sound investment as they were originally thought, and this has now all started to go wrong.

When I first started out in the vending business, I did look at finding investors for the business, however the appeal to work within this industry was not deemed as glamorous enough, despite the fact that the business for me actually produced millions of pounds and enabled me to live a glamorous lifestyle, and continue to do so.
Although the business was not glamorous, the machines were a constant revenue source, earning money 24 hours a day, just sat there. Any investor would have returned their investment and enjoyed a generous lifestyle on the revenue generated from them with me.
All in all it shows that glamour does not mean money at the end of the day!

As I have previously mentioned I don’t need an investor for my businesses, I would just like to be able to share some of the risks and pressures that a new business brings. Although I have mentioned sharing risks, the business that I am looking for investors for, is really not that risky, we are already well into the first year of the businesses and I have shouldered the risks that come with the start up of a new business personally, the businesses are now a proven concept.

One of the businesses is a simple concept, Self Property Rental, where property owners with property abroad are able to advertise their property within our website pages direct to potential holiday tenants all over the world, these people are able contact the owners of the property directly to discuss and book their holidays. The owners are able to manage their bookings through the site, update their property descriptions and images all through a simple log on unique to them.

The concept is not rocket science and now needs marketing in a big way, with radio and television campaigns, national newspaper campaigns and billboards all over the world.

The bottom line is this is a multi million pound industry, we have done a cash flow forecast and this shows that their will be a moderate loss in the first year, what doesn’t and don’t forget we are halfway through the first year already! The second year we have forecast a profit and with the third year showing over a £1 Million profit!

I believe that this is a recession/credit crunch proof business and value the company to date at half a million pounds.

I will be looking for investors to join me in the company this side of Christmas that are able to put a maximum of £240,000 investment in, allowing me to stay as the majority shareholder.

Any investor should have the money invested returned in the first year and handsome dividends thereafter.

If you have any interest in the business and would like to call me to discuss this further then please do not hesitate to call either at the office +44(0)1202 490404 or mobile +44(0)7802 693422, or you can email me on