Business Opportunities

My New Ventures

Since the sale of the vending business I have been pumping my own money into my new business ventures, and it is now beginning to hurt a little bit especially as the fruits of my labour will not been seen for a while to come yet.

Due to the recession everyone around me, friends and foe are going skint, and it’s not just the 9-5ers that are finding it hard, and for now I can join them in the doom and gloom chat!

I believe that this is going to be a bad recession, and one that has not got its full grip yet, I think that it will last a good five years, but with my new business ventures hopefully are recession proof and this should’nt affect me and all my hard work will pay off.

Self Trading has not been hit by the recession and we are still ticking over. I did envisage that we would be getting offers of stock from closed down businesses sooner than we have done, but it appears that people have been hanging onto their products until the death, thinking that they can realise more money for it, in some cases I am actually being contacted by the receivers asking for me to make an offer on the stock!

At the moment Self Trading is our main source of income so we keep bashing away at it.
The site itself is phenomenal, the page ranking is great and Google and other major search engines love us. We are also earning money through Ad Sense on the site which is good and is something that we can improve on.

So what about my new ventures…

Self Property Rental at the moment is not quite where I wanted it to be in the search engines, we are re-developing software in house which means that we will be able to rank the site higher in the search engines like Google, which in turn will mean more people joining us to advertise their holiday property.

This all means extra money to layout again but hopefully this will all pay off and we can have a proper launch with a media campaign in January 09.

The site is looking good and there are new properties being added on a daily basis, why not have a look and see if you can find your ideal holiday home! , my sex toy site is not really doing much business at the moment, but I didn’t intend for this to make me millions, we are trying to get this ranking, and to build up a data base we are currently offering 30% off, this site is something for the long term as the adult toy market is very competitive. Our aim is to have it making £10k a month in the next few years.

And as I didn’t think that the workload for me and my staff was not enough I am taking on another new venture, , I feel that this has great potential, there are people out there that are being turned down for loans namely because of a bad credit history, with my company we will be looking at the whole situation, the person that the money is going to be lent to and the circumstances involved.

I am a great believer in the concept behind the famed BBC TV series, The Dragons Den, where they are lending money to the person and an idea not just what is available as an asset to secure the money against, to me this is real banking and real lending.

This is currently only in it’s first stages of development and I would welcome any comments and advice on the matter to aid development for the future.

I hope that this keeps your all updated for a while, and I am sure that you can understand with all the above going on at the moment, writing on the blog is taking second place to earning money!

Catch up with you all again soon,