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Work Hard to Play Hard

Hello everybody,

I have just come back from what is hopefully my last holiday of the year, actually thinking about it, it probably wont be, I work hard and like to play hard, living life to the full with my family, I guess it is a little excessive having 12 holidays in the last eight months, but I have a good excuse, the sun is good for thinking and the weather has been so crap in the UK this year.

I have just come back from our apartment in Puerto Banus where we had a great bank holiday weekend in the sun, Louis has already got used to wasting money, thanks to the Champagne Party at the Ocean Club, where he was able to waste champagne by spraying it over everybody!

It was nice to have all my kids together, even a token visit from my eldest son Sam, the girls, Lucie and Daizy were with us all weekend, it was really good for everybody!

Daryl SelfThis is all of us at the Ocean Club with our friend Brian,

Daryl Self

And heres one of my two lovely little girls

And this is me and my lovely wife, not bad hey

Daryl Self

And of course a picture of me with my mate Brian,

Daryl SelfPuerto Banus doesn’t seem to have been affected by this worldwide credit crunch, it was very busy and lots of people spending lots of money.
Looking at this hummer compared to mine, shows that there certainly isn’t a credit crunch here!

Daryl SelfNow we are back and I am yet again ready to get stuck in and keep pushing forward with Self Property Rental, which is showing some really good signs. We are still in the development stage of the new software programme for the site, but once it is completed it is going to be so much easier and better for everyone to use it, and will prove its worth in the New Year. We are busy in the sales team with new clients and new properties being added on a daily basis, and soon all our efforts are going to pay off with this venture.

We know that is going to be one of, if not the best property rental website, globally, and with 2009 approaching we are planning media campaigns in local and national press, with bill boards going up internationally and a planned TV and Radio campaign for the later part of that year.

In regards to those that would like to invest in this great company, the opportunity window to invest is only open for another three months, after this the risk factor will be non existent and therefore an investor will not be needed, so contact me sooner rather than later to invest, otherwise I will just have to ride this out on my own, this is going to be a sure fire profitable venture.

Self Trading is ticking over, and I am sure that with the state of the economy we will shortly be inundated with offers of products to buy, the website is great and achieving high search engine rankings & page rankings with every product that it uploaded to the site.
We have been able to earn steady flow of income from the Ad sense and the Affiliate programmes on this site, which is increasing weekly.

So that is it for now, I am off to the Bournemouth Air Show today, where I have been invited to join my friend Jeremy on a table at the Royal Bath Hotel. I think that for once Bournemouth Council have made a good decision in hosting what is now going to be an annual event in the Bournemouth Air Show, this is the type of thing that is needed to draw people in to the town, well the weather is not doing it is it?!