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Day out with Joe Calzaghe

I had a change of scenery from the office this week, off to the Welsh Hills with Brian and Nidal to see our buddy Joe Galzaghe in his pre fight training, for his up and coming fight at Madison Square Gardens, this November 8th against Roy Jones Jnr.

It was great to see Joe, Sergio and Enzo, his dad and trainer. Where Joe trains, is unlike any other world champions gym, this is back to the old school spit and sawdust boxing gyms. This is the gym where it all started for Joe and he still trains here, keeping him grounded, unlike other world champs.
daryl self
“me outside the spit and sawdust boxing gym”
daryl self
“as you can see real spit and sawdust, great feel though!”

daryl self
“All the lads”

After watch Joe train, we all headed off for lunch, it was great to catch up with everyone and talk about the upcoming fight next month. I took mine and Jo’s (my wifes) boxing gloves with me this time to get signed, going to have them framed, great memories for us.

daryl self
“All the boys”
We have all been invited to the fight in Madison Square Gardens in New York, and after watching Joe train the fight can only go one way, and that way is a win for Joe.I am looking forward to the fight, a couple of days in New York City with the boys and the fights after party that is how we roll!

Anyway, back to the old grindstone, have to make some money in the run up to Christmas…if things don’t pick up I may have to spend the rest of the year partying with the boys….but that’s not it?

I have joined facebook for some reason, don’t know why, but had no idea that I was so popular!

Check out the photos from the pre fight training with Joe….

“Sergio and Enzo”

Joe Calzaghe
daryl self
daryl self