Business Opportunities

Life is like a roller coaster

Not much has happened here lately, I have been up to my neck, but with nothing in particular or exciting.

Despite the fact that I thought I would be alright with the “Credit Crunch “I have started to feel the pinch, things are getting tougher. There is lots of money going out with the new ventures and not as much coming in. Like the old cliche Business is like a big fairground rollercoaster, lots of ups and downs, and as long as you have more ups than downs then you are winning!

I guess why I am a little depressed on this ride is I am getting near the bottom and cant see where the top is, I am sure that is the ride goes on I will get nearer the top again.

As far as the little riddle goes, I guess it all means that with the new projects they will all start to come to fruition in the new year.

Main hopes are still on the Property rental site, all the SEO is working and we are coming up in top searches on Google, Yahoo and others, and as everyone knows for an internet business it is all about being on the front page , which we are getting to.

Hopefully will be able to report on the new ventures and the developments soon, in the meantime I will keep you updated with my partying and my lovely family, which you all know is not boring!