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Halloween Night

I have had a great weekend this weekend, I even dressed up for Halloween, which I haven’t done in years, me and Louis also decorated the hummer in skulls and bones!
Me, Louis and Jo all got dressed up in our fancy dress outfits, Louis as some kind of onion monster thing, Jo as a cat and I went dressed up as a murderer.

We took Louis down to our friend Sarah’s, where we took all the kids out round the area for trick or treating, after that we went back to Sarahs for the kids to play games including apple bobbing, which Louis really enjoyed, it was all good fun.

Me and Jo then went onto a party at a hotel, and met up with my Daughter Lucie and her boyfriend Nidal, everyone had dressed up for the evening, it was great.
We went to a few bars in town before ending up in Klute with all the weird and wonderful from the evening, it was a great night , great atmosphere and everybody had joined in for the spirit of Halloween, as you can see from the pictures.

I have not got much business to talk about at the moment, so thought that I would keep you updated with the fun times in my life, Fireworks night up next, just a quiet one with the family I would imagine!