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The countdown is on for Calzaghe V Jones Jnr

The Countdown is on for my mate Joes next big fight in New York this weekend, cannot wait to get there, so myself and my friend can give him our support, this is a big fight, he has gone up a weight class to fight Roy Jones Jnr, this is going to be a hard fight, but we all hope that Joe can win it!

Flying over to New York with my old mate Karl, have not been away together for quite a few years, both really looking forward to it, so good company, great hotel and top class entertainment from the city that allegedly never sleeps! This will be the second time that I have been this year, so will get to see a bit more of this famous city, see if it can impress me this time!

Anyway, Joe will be fighting on Saturday night at one of the world’s most famous arenas, Madison Square Gardens, which has hosted some great fights in its time and this fight will be one of them.
Unfortunately we will not be there until Friday which means that we miss out the weigh in which is always good as it creates a great pre fight atmosphere.

After the fight, that Joe will be winning, it will straight off to the after party, wonder what stars will be there this time, other than myself, Brian, Karl and Joe of course!

Watch this space!