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Back from New York with Joe Calzaghe!

Back from New York, Joe Calzaghe did it again he is a legend!
He didn’t disappoint anyone in the crowd, scared us in the first round where he went down on his knees, but from that moment it was all Joes fight, Roy Jones Jnr didn’t know what was happening and it was great to be amongst the crowd a few shoulders away from the Ring, and feeling the adrenaline rushing through me it was an unbelievable feeling especially when you are friends with the person that is fighting, fantastic ,that is all I can say.
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Was able to speak to Joe, Enzo his dad, Sergio and his uncle after the fight, they were all of course in great spirits.
Where Joe goes next from this is anybodies guess, but at the moment he is saying it is his last fight, if it is, and as far as I know, and I don’t know that much abut boxing, its the second best record in the world, 46 undefeated professional fights and I think that the only person that has beaten that record is Rocky Marciano with 49 undefeated fights, maybe Joe one day will decide to take three more fights and go in the history books and Guinness book of records, if he is not due to be placed in there anyway.
We had a great time in New York, and to add to the excitement of the weekend, me and the boys had our picture taken and we are up in lights on a billboard in Times Square, can it get any better than that….that is how we roll!

Daryl Self

Caught up with Joe at the airport, had a few drinks in the lounge bar with him, spoke about a few things, here is a few pictures of the man and me, and of course Brian, who gets everywhere with me, or do I get everywhere with him, one or the other.

Daryl Self

What I am also very proud of is I bought Joe a top as a present from Christian Audigier which is a boxing hoodie named the Champion, obviously so very appropriate, and he loves it, soon as I gave it to him, he took off his leather jacket and wore the hoodie back to England, good feeling when a friend and a legend like that loves the present that you bought him.

Back to England and concentrating on getting my businesses flying for the new year and hopefully 09 will be a good year for me and all my staff, as 08 has not lived up to normal business expectations, apart from my family and holidays and social life…. in business I think this is the lull before the storm!

All good things ahead!