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School Dinners

Jo and I went to Louis Schools annual Christmas dinner for the parents, held at the Cumberland Hotel this weekend.

I was not really very excited about this, but Jo obviously wanted to go, as she tends to speak to a lot of the mums when they are waiting to pick up the kids, I guess it’s a way for them to get out of the house and socialise, when us men are at work earning the money, :).

On our way we picked up Rhoda and Julian, with whom Jo is very friendly with, Rhoda looked lovely and Julian looked very dapper, we both enjoyed their company for the evening

I painstakingly sat through my three course meal; it was a strange set up with people buying their own drinks, something that I am not used to!

As the evening progressed from what I could see the most exciting part of the evening for everyone was when they were letting off the balloons and they were flying around the room, the majority of parents were in stitches of laughter over this.
I think that they need to get out a bit more, I can assure them that there are funnier things out there in the big world than letting off balloons, maybe next year I will arrange the party and include party poppers, they will be guaranteed to have a great night!
Only joking I am sure that I could arrange something more than that!

Aside from that I am sure that everybody had a great evening, I did leave for an hour to go to another party, then went back to get Jo and we partied till the earlier hours in town.

Here are a few pictures of everyone enjoying the evening!

Jo and Rhoda having a boogie on the dancefloor