Business Opportunities

The Bournemouth Dragons

With the partying behind us we are all now back in the office and working flat out, Self Trading is receiving more and more offers daily, the up and coming launch of Self Property Rental along with the fantastic response we had to the Public Relations Officer position that we currently have available. I guess it is down to the way that the market is at the moment, but we have had some good quality people apply, and I am looking forward to getting this position filled. We are still receiving applications so if you or someone you know would be ideal for this position then take a look at the full job description here and send me your CV .

This year I intend to put together something that I have been considering for the last year or so, what I would like to do is get together a team of local business men to form a consortium, very much similar to the popular BBC television series, The Dragons Den.

We will be a consortium of local business men, who will buy their place in the consortium to have equal shares to invest in businesses and ideas.
I am looking for ten business people from all walks of life, which will be able to start investing with £10k into the consortium. There will be weekly meetings, round a dinner table for example where we will be able to throw ideas at each other, introduce new projects, and people looking for funding.

At the moment I am currently getting a list together of ten local business people that I believe would be an asset to this consortium, ideally we would have a solicitor, accountant,entrepreneurs,and candle stick makers, people that would be able to put their money where their mouth is and join the consortium with an initial investment of £10k.

I think that it is important that the consortium look for people with their own ideas, drive and determination, people that are prepared to put the hours into making their idea work, but are unable to get funding from the Banks. I would like the consortium to be able to offer people a chance, lending money to the person and the idea, with the consortiums majority vote a new business can be launched.

I will keep you updated on the progress of this consortium with regular updates on here…if you would like to discuss this opportunity then please do not hesitate to contact me.

To be continued…..