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Back from Dubai

I am now back from a great trip in Dubai with Louis and Jo, and while we were there we met up with friend Steve and Nicky with their kids, we had a wonderful time with them, made the trip!

Dubai is one of the best places that I have been, the customer service and friendliness that is offered is second to none, and one of the safest places to travel to, I would recommend visiting Dubai to anyone.

Unfortunately with the sterling being at an all time low it did work out quite an expensive trip. I am sure that the Dubai bubble will burst soon; I believe that the level of service and the style that Dubai offers is unsustainable.

If you are interested in construction, as I am and buildings architecture, then Dubai offers an immense variety, buildings that are out of this world, not only in size but also in design.

While I was there was able to get some business done, and had a successful meeting with a large company looking for us to act as an agent to supply them with electrical goods, I am going to get in there while the going is good.

Back in the office and back to the grindstone…until the next little trip abroad!

Luckily the trip conincided with Valenties, so my lovely wife was taken out for a lovely meal and I even bought her a rose, we had a great night!

Here is a picture of me and Steve getting stuck into some pints of beer by the pool, chilling out and enjoying each others

company, well at least I think he enjoyed my company!

This is one of the fish from the immense fish tank in our hotel, the fish were amazing and the tank was huge, how they are able to keep it so clean and fresh looking is unbelievable.

Me and my little boy on the beach, it was amazing still cant believe that the swept the sand over night, in the mornings not a footprint on the sand!

My little boy posing for the camera, something that he is comfortable with these days, in the hotel reception.

Views from our hotel room, the only disappointment was the sand dust in the air which made it all a bit unclear, sun still managed to get through, still warmer than the UK, it was lovely!