Business Opportunities

New Business Launch date approaching

Since being back from Dubai me and the team have been busy working on the new and exciting business….

I am now ready to show off this fantastic business ahead of the official launch date of April 1st, (No April fools, this is the next big thing!)

I saw that there was space in the market for a company like Loan Purchase, unlike the traditional high street pawn brokers and cash converter type premises, Loan Purchase will loan purchase against the larger items in life, such as the big boys’ toys, that were purchased when the going was good, the jet skis, helicopters, boats, paintings, cars and much more that is now a luxury that you just can’t bare to sell completely, so loan purchase it. With Loan Purchase you have the opportunity to purchase the item back, so if you are looking for a quick cash injection to tide you over till the completion of a deal then Loan Purchase is perfect.

The business is primarily web based, with 90% of the deal being done over the internet, and the website, despite the official launch being 1st April, is already receiving high volumes of traffic and the deals are coming through, I can’t wait until this is really rocking.

Loan Purchase today had its first press release, which has gone out to all the nationals, so keep your eyes peeled for Selfy on the front pages of the papers!

You can read the press release here,
Dorset Based Firm Set To Revolutionize UK Lending Market With Loan Purchase

As Great Britain’s banks face fury over their reluctance to lend, ministers seem to be hitting their heads against the proverbial brick wall, first time buyers are being left in the dark and financial morale has certainly taken a tumble among business owners everywhere, all except for one Dorset based firm offering a novel take on pawn broking.
Whether you are seeking to sell your beloved plane (yes plane), superbike or private yacht for purchase at a later date, Loan Purchase, the new business venture created by Daryl Self is the equivalent of the traditional street based pawn brokers for the above average earner in the market.
Developed after a gap in the market was found to exist for a service that allows for the item to actually be purchased, giving the customer the option to buy back the item for a fee after an agreed amount of time, which can be extended by up to six times- revolutionizing the way the money market is run.

Managing director at the Dorset based firm who offer short-term loans with a difference, said, “I have always been interested in the money lending market and over the years I have been looking at various concepts. After reading a number of articles about high street pawn brokers and cash converter type businesses thriving in this current climate, I realised that there was room for a niche company like Loan Purchase in the market.
Turning traditional on its head, Loan Purchase will also guarantee that when someone comes to them with an item of value, they will guarantee to Loan Purchase it, helping those currently unable to get credit from the banks due to the current financial gridlock.
Mr Self added, “Customers who choose to buy back an item from us will pay a fee, but this option can be extended up to six times if required. A customer does not have to take the buy back option up if they don’t require it, meaning that their item will remain the property of Loan Purchase.

“Loan Purchase is able to offer a solution not only to Joe the self employed builder with his granddads old watch or a top manager earning plenty of money in the peak with a boys toy that they can no longer afford. The great thing about using Loan Purchase is that it will not affect a customer’s credit rating nor will it matter if they have existing bad credit, the amount loan purchased is solely made up of the value of the items.”

With official launch date coming up, we are all working hard on Loan Purchase; this is going to be the big one!