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Time to invest

Time to invest
Time to invest

I am now in a position in my life where I can begin to look at investing in other people and their ideas.

I have always had to fund my businesses myself, for whatever reason, with enthusiasm, hard work and dedication to the idea I have always made a success, and I am now looking to invest myself and my monies into a similar person.

I have touched on the subject of investing and investors before, how many of them believe that the most solid investment is in bricks and mortar, but recession after recession this has been proven wrong…and I am sure that these types of investors will be burnt again and again with property investments.

I am not looking to invest in bricks and mortar but to invest in a person and their idea, a person with dedication and commitment to their idea, ambitions to succeed in life, someone prepared to sacrifice their time to make their idea a success.

For all of you reading this that believe you are the right person, do not think that I am investing my hard earned money to fund your lifestyle, like I have done in the past, big salaries and large dividend payments will be made based on the success of the business.

I am looking to invest up to £250, 000 into the right person and the right idea; this may not be just one person and one idea but a number of people and a number of ideas.

Do you have the right idea, the right attitude, drive to succeed in life, then send me an email or give me a call for an informal chat and let’s see where that can take us.