Holidays and Adventures

Christmas Time in Barbados

A lot of people are coming to my business blog and finding it covered in social affairs and private life, and holidays ect, to be honest with you that is what I’ve mostly been doing for the last 3-4 years, but now I’m getting back to work as the ones I’ve dipped my toes in the water with are working well. So after this post I shall turn my blog back to where it should be based on business, money and entrepreneurial related posts.

So look forward to further business posts as that’s what they will be based on as that’s how it all started. Lots of people have been saying to me ‘you haven’t been putting much on your blog lately’ but I have been flat out with new business ventures, and e-commerce sites launching also my general business and recruiting, so enough about that lets get on to my Barbados holiday and I will keep you posted with the exciting business ventures in hand later.

Barbados… I have been on some fantastic holidays in my life, but I think Barbados is one of the best places to chill out, especially going this time of year as it gives you a couple of weeks break! With the cold weather we have been experiencing here generally… We just needed to get away.

So this holiday I would say is one of the most expensive holiday! They know how to charge in Barbados they even catch you on the airlines.
I took all my kids except my oldest son, my 2 daughters, Louis and my little girl and of course my wife, one of my girls boyfriends tagged along and I’m sure I wasn’t going to pay his flight too. We flew premium economy which cost a fortune but would have been double if I had of gone club. We landed at the airport in the afternoon Friday 28th December, got in our hired mini bus which you can imagine we needed and headed straight 2 our apartment, our apartment was a lovely 3 bed at a resort called glitter bay. The first thing we did was unpacked and had a good night sleep as we had been travelling 18 hrs door to door.

On the first day we went to the supermarket loading up a few things to eat and drink I could not believe how 1 trolley full of food and drink could cost 1000 Barbadian dollars approx £334!! This was a shock but I started to get used to it as the holiday went on.

We had a few must places to go ranging from sandy lane, the cliff restaurant, the fish pot restaurant, lone star and others they were all fantastic restaurants and I recommend to go there if you visit Barbados! The fish pot was very reasonably priced, and believe it or not we managed to get into a Chinese restaurant in Barbados.
Our friends Steve and Lynne and there kids who accompanied us, stayed at the royal West Moorlins and our other friends Laurence and Chantelle and family also stayed there so we spent quite a bit of time together, Royal West Moorlins was slightly off the beaten track as a golf resort but a beautiful place to stay. I had a great round of golf with Steve and Laurence, its always nice to keep my hand in I need to startplaying more regularly to keep up with them in the future…But great game.

The holiday was mainly filled up with my wife and my 2 daughters doing what girls do best lying on the beach!! Me and Louis went crabbing and checked out some of the local bars. I got myself (which was a great investment) a backpack so lexi could sit on my back and I could walk around with her so we didn’t miss out on anything. The best day I guess for me was when we went to the lunch at sandy lane originally we were going to be in the club house, but I changed the location we were going to be seated next to Andrew Lloyd Webber (no offence to Andrew Lloyd Webber but I didn’t like the spot), we went down to the main hotel and sat on the terrace instead. We brushed shoulders there with various celebrities I got speaking to Ross Abbot whilst being served ice-cream, also spoke to Phillip Green who came over to the table and spoke to us which was nice and there were many other celebrities but hey ho I don’t want to bore you and go through everybody.
What was strange, it was a little bit like walking along a paradise beech in Bournemouth as there were so many faces from Bournemouth not mention, Stuart Rawlins and his wife (thank you very much for treating us to lunch at lone star). Linda who I met had a house next to sandy lane, Graham Roberts who turns out after having chat that his brother owned the apartment that we stayed at which was great! Dave Miller and of course the Simons. Didn’t meet up with Al and his wife but had a drink with Sofia and Kate and was nice catching up.

With out going too much on about the day to day goings on which you might find boring, it was just great to be away in the sun, the glass bottomed boat and seeing the turtles made my little boys trip and we also had to go the monkey zoo in 100 degrees don’t know why but this is what my boy wanted to do. Towards the end I think we were all looking forward to coming home as you do when you are on holiday even when you are having fun and enjoying the sunshine, we landed back at Gatwick on the 11th January 6am back in the office for 9 ready to crack on and do a days work. As mentioned earlier no more holidays planned for the next couple of months so posts should be business related I will keep you updated.

Would just like to thank Steve and Lynne Laurence and Chantelle, for being great company I look forward to going away with again soon.