Business Opportunities

Loan Purchase and Business Opportunities

What is happening with the economy today? The rich get richer the poor get poorer, I don’t know where I’m going I still seem to stay the same. Apart from that I guess I should be grateful that I’m still staying level which is a comfortable position to be in.

All my various businesses are ticking over at present. I’m looking to take on a possible acquisition shortly which has got a great turnover and which will benefit my group of companies.  Hopefully we can expand on the business as it stands now, the industry has masses of potential and is at its infancy at present, exciting times.


We are also seeing revitalization in the loan purchase business and I think more people are recognizing the scheme that we have to offer and it’s nice doing some good business so far this month.

I think loan purchase has massive potential but at some stage I will have to bite the bullet and invest in a marketing strategy and I’m sure it will reap the rewards and grow massively.

Generally I think it’s looking bright for the future for the Self Group, and I have in mind for the end of the year a new Silver Ghost to reward my efforts over the last few years. I will keep you posted on progress with my various activities in business. As far as holidays are concerned I’ve cut back this year spending more time at work and with the family. I think I was too young and not quite ready financially for retirement.