Business Opportunities

Nearly Owning a Jet!

This week has been pretty hectic, with the various projects coming together after a lot of hard work. Self Trading has been very busy to say the least too, as we have found a new source of good volume parcels and this has given us the opportunity to find new and exciting stock all around the world.

There seem to be a lot of very big, quality parcels that you can tender for direct with the seller, and it was all very exciting earlier this week and at the same time very nerve racking as for whatever reason I decided to tender for a FA2 Sea Harrier Jet.  This was no display model wither, it was a complete, working and fully serviceable aircraft.  I decided to tender for this fantastic jet and much to our surprise we won the tender and as far as we were concerned it was our property. So the whole team had to start researching on the internet to find out exactly what we had bought and the more that we found out the scarier it became.  The bills didn’t seem to stop at the purchase price either, but then there was the servicing bills, inspection, licences and paper work, storage bills and fees for just transporting it.  All very worrying but soon after we received a text letting us know the owner had turned down our bid.


There was a big sigh or relief in the office when we received the message especially as the terms stated we could not withdraw our offer ourselves, and all of a sudden the nervous excitement and worries came to an end.  But the jet is still available and if anyone wants to tender over £500,000 they could own it, but I don’t think there is anyone out there as mad as me.

But we are still working hard on setting up our floor company, of course the trading website, the loan purchase business, Self Temptation lingerie and all the other various websites we are building and maintaining for and on behalf of our clients.

I’m still hoping for a good year, and things are looking good so far…..