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Bank Holiday Fun in the Sun in Marbella

I have just come back from my end of May bank holiday in Spain with my family. What a great weekend we had!!

I have just come back from my end of May bank holiday in Spain with my family. What a great weekend we had!!

The sun was shining, the accommodation was fantastic and the food and drink all went down far too easily. It was one of our best family holidays in a long time. But I also tied it in with a few nights out partying with old friends.

We have all been talking doom and gloom for so long in this country its actually making everybody depressed, and depression I’m sure slows everyone down. It was a joy to go to the Puerto Banus Ocean Club Sintillate Champagne Party, we went there during the day on Saturday and rubbed shoulders with a few up and coming celebrities which was a lot of fun.

Then on Sunday we hit the Sintillate full blown Champagne Party and it was a real eye opener and a reminder that it isn’t all doom and gloom. I go to the same party every year, but it was far more outrageous this year, the sun beds were costing 12000 Euros for eight people, and they were throwing in 40 bottles of champagne for free, entrance alone was 150 Euros and it was a complete sell out.

Champagne was flowing, beautiful people dancing, partying, drinking and enjoying the weather. It was an absolutely brilliant 12 hours in the sun partying.

I couldn’t believe my friend Gary when he told me that one of the sun bed groups spent 150,000 Euros just during that one afternoon. Exchanging their house champagne for Dom Perignon and Cristal, some other groups on the sun beds were spending 50,000-75,000 Euros. All in one afternoon.

I believe that afternoon the Ocean Club took in excess of three quarters of a million Euros in all, what a business! There was certainly no recession in the Ocean Club that day. If you haven’t been I suggest one bank holiday you give it a go, it is by far the best party weekend in the world and I know, I can compare it to some spectacular parties but nothing compares.


We also found a brilliant new complex in Spain we didn’t know about before, we found it by accident as my original hotel wouldn’t let us stay as we had my two young children with us and after May they don’t allow children, this is their loss and if you have children too certainly don’t go to H10 Andalucia Plaza after May, but I can recommend the facilities and hotel at Vasari Hotel in Puerto Banus, the surroundings of the hotel are spectacular the accommodation comfortable and spacious and it was perfect when travelling with young children like us. I highly recommend it.

I also enjoyed some time at Buda Beach while away, and the vacation made me come back with lots of inspiration and cleared out all my negativity for the rest of the year, I have a new positive attitude and I intend to make some big dough this year. The people I met whilst on holiday couldn’t spend money quick enough and there is not many industries where this is the case, I would have loved to have a chat with some of those players to find out what business’ they are in and how the money comes so easy!

I came back into the office with my new positive attitude and I hope it has rubbed off on the rest of the team.

I hope you enjoy these few pictures of my holiday with family and celebrities. Just looking forward to my next holiday and making more money now!