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Onwards and upwards for Self Trading Ltd

Onwards and upwards for Self Trading Ltd

Self Trading Ltd seems to be running at a whole different level at present as we are gaining more and more international enquiries and as a result starting to make a good quantity of high level contacts. Our most recent project includes a job of 15 containerised power generators with a 24.75 Mega Watt output to be shipped over to Sierra Leon to connect to their National grid also including a variety of transformers. This total job will amount to in excess of $4million and will act as a great kick start for Self Trading to go worldwide in the form of Self Global.

24.75 MW 15 x Enercon Gensets (1).JPG

We have also been asked to quote for a supply of 400, 40 foot tractor unit trailers with 2 or 3 axels which is a separate job which we will need to purchase as soon as possible. If you know anyone who might be able to help in this regard then I would love to hear from you. We are not expecting to accumulate this quantity of trailer units from one source and may have to look at multiple sources to get the amount we require.

Wanted Flat Bed 40 Foot Triple Axle Trailers - Cash Buyer In Place

At present we are working on our Self Global website to assist us in this period of growth. We are now in the market to acquire a selection of heavy plant equipment so again I say, watch this space! This new venture of Self Trading is proving quite interesting at present.

24.75 MW 15 x Enercon Gensets (3).JPG

If anybody is interested in selling big parcels or clearance goods including heavy plant equipment worldwide then we could be your people.