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Aiming for the rich list with clearance catering supplies

Aiming for the rich list with clearance catering supplies

One of the things I like to do every now and again is browse through the Daily Mirror’s UK rich list and often proves an insight into what markets and businesses are currently flourishing. 20 years ago I thought I would have been able to get on the rich list myself, but as I get older the chance is getting slimmer and slimmer. What won’t change is my drive, determination and passion in business and everything that I do.

photo(12)What gave me some real food for thought last night, the reason for writing this blog and calling a staff meeting this morning is that I have been running Clearance catering supplies successfully for the last 2 years. What brought us into this market originally was the £1 million worth of catering stock that I bought from both Berghoff and 3663 back in 2010.

We purchased this stock, listed it online and as a result clearance catering supplies was born providing me and my company with a steady income for well in excess of a year now. Since seeing Nisbets and other catering companies top the rich list with Nesbits estimated worth amounting to £440 million I’m thinking… hang on… I need to get my act into gear here.


These companies aren’t doing anything clearance catering supplies isn’t, they have just been doing it a lot longer than we have. I’m sure their teams haven’t got anything that I haven’t got to concentrate on getting my catering company to the next level.

Clearance catering supplies has been great over the last 12 months and initially I was only aiming at clearance parcels for resale but after discussing this with my team I have decided to bring in lines where there is continuity from the manufacturers worldwide in the aim to gain a regular customer base on top of my existing one and see if we can build up over the next 5 years to a healthy sized company.


I might not make the rich list but I’ll certainly get where I want to be with one of my companies in the near future. If anyone knows of any clearance catering parcels currently available or unwanted stock then as always feel free to contact me.