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Anniversary & Birthday follow up…

Anniversary follow up

Following up from my 6th wedding anniversary and my little boys 10th birthday… We ended up as the four of us at the lovely Bournemouth west beach restaurant right on the seafront, we got seated at a fantastic window table and my wife and I enjoyed a sort of romantic evening together accompanied by my children and of course my friends James Bronson and Big black Nigel, which is fine because I enjoy their company whenever they are around.

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We knew it was time to close up and head home when my little girl Lexi began falling asleep at the table which proved to be quite a beautiful round up to the evening. The only slight downside to an otherwise perfect evening was that it’s still only early May here in the UK and was a little too chilly for my liking as the sun disappeared over the horizon. This isn’t a trial we’ll need to face for much longer though as we’re all off to Dubai in three weeks time to enjoy a round of 40+ degree weather whilst staying at the stunning Atlantis Hotel which the whole family will be looking forward to.

The great features that the Atlantis offers always proves to be secodn to none as this will be Louis’ second time coming with us, so here’s to a good time!

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