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Clearance Catering Supplies Update

Clearance Catering Supplies Update

Clearance catering supplies is continually busy with us being offered and buying a vast amount of ex-Olympic catering equipment. We seem to be getting offered absolutely everything from kitchen appliances, gastronomes, crockery, cutlery, tableware and much, much more!

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This has proven a great boost to my catering business and I look forward to receiving more. It would be a great idea to hold onto a lot of this equipment, store it securely and make offers to the companies looking to cater for the Olympics in Brazil for the 2016 celebrations, but unfortunately finances wont allow us to keep hold of it for three years as cash flow these days is key to success. This however is what Mc Donald’s seem to be doing at present as they dismantle and ship in segments their massive portable pop-up restaurant which served over 13,000 meals a day during the Olympic peak with around £60million in turnover over the Olympic period, not too shabby.

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I find this an odd contradiction considering the Olympics is the embodiment of health and fitness which Mc Donald’s does not have a great track record for, however it seems their pockets run quite deep in the marketing department as far as sponsorship is concerned. Mc Donald’s and fitness do not go together.

I’m keen to receive many more catering supplies and if anybody is interested in clearing large catering parcels or looking to kit out their restaurants or bars with discounted catering equipment then give us a call. Clearance catering supplies continues to be well on the way to becoming a force to be reckoned with especially over the next few years.