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Disappointing news for our Sierra Leone deal

Disappointing news for our Sierra Leone deal

If you have been following my blog recently then you might be aware of a pretty big deal that I have been working on over the past few months.

My plan to purchase a large selection of power generators to connect to Sierra Leone’s national grid to provide power for an additional 300,000 homes in the area has recently fallen through as the Local government opted to purchase a more expensive selection option of Caterpillar generators worth over $5 million.


It would seem that although our generators met the specifications that they were looking for because we were unable to offer the back up and support at the flick of a hat by sending trained technicians to oversee the units we were not a suitable candidate for the job. We can’t win them all the time.

These units are still available however and we have began receiving enquiries from Scandinavia for them already. Our plan to continue to supply heavy plant equipment to developing countries is still in motion and I hope that this can prove a fruitful pursuit for me in the near future.


We are however, still looking for a total of 300 articulated tractor units for a deal taking place in India and sourcing these has been a slow but steady process. If anyone has any other units available we are still trying to source more as we will always have a need for this type of equipment and plant.