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Long weekend in Majorca

I have recently returned from a long weekend away in Majorca. My trip to Majorca has been the first break my wife and I have had without the kids for many years as I tend to be quite reluctant to leave them with family when I go away. Jo however feels differently as she likes to have a rest from the kids from time to time, then again she deserves to as she spends a lot more time with them than I do and they can be quite a handful.

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We ended up going to Majorca after winning an apartment on a charity auction, I managed to win the apartment for £800 and this covered all usage for 4 days and nights. The money was extremely good value considering the apartment was a 2 bedroom split apartment with a swimming pool on the roof balcony and featured breathtaking views of Portals harbour. We did the normal things like visiting restaurants and bars within the vicinity of the apartment as well as doing some sightseeing.

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I went to Majorca with one of my best friends Steve Mac and his wife and also bumped into another one of my friends also called Steve on the plane flight and invited him to spend the day with us on a chartered yacht which was one of the highlights of the holidays. We chartered the Sunseeker yacht for the day which we then proceeded to take to the various coves in and around the shoreline. We spent the day in and around Nikki’s beach which is one of the private nicest beach clubs in the area and stopped off at a few more of the local bars during the evening.

I am really looking forward to going back with the children for a fortnight’s holiday in the near future which won’t be quite as relaxing as we will end up catering for the children by attending water parks, ‘Dolphinariums’, swimming, snorkling other child type things. Although that might sound relaxing I’m sure anyone with children will agree that it’s tough work.

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I call myself lucky on a daily basis that I have wonderful children to spend my days with, as providing for my family is what keeps me working hard when I’m not on holiday. Be sure to keep in touch with my blog for all the latest pictures of this most recent holiday and my latest business endeavours.