My summary for 2013


2013 has been one of the most interesting and challenging years in my life, certainly for business.

Me and my team were excited to roll out ‘YBIS’ (Your Business Internet Solutions) on an International stage, expecting to maximise profits throughout 2013, building from the lessons learned in 2012, thinking we had got it spot on.

After a full redesign of our website we relaunched ‘YBIS’ in January 2013.

We evaluated the marketplace and established a solid marketing campaign for YBIS, generating a record month in sales for us, propelling us into February, which wasn’t quite as good as the January. Throughout the rest of 2013, we saw the website’s traction decline to a total halt in inquiries and ultimately, sales. The main reason for YBIS’s demise was that we couldn’t really get the sale people to understand the business model and sell it correctly on the world stage. I personally felt it was a great concept for selling as Affiliate’s marketing websites the way it was packaged, but after a gruelling 18 months of marketing it, I eventually lost heart in it due to me not being able to put enough into it and having to rely on other people that didn’t share the same passion for business and hunger for success. If you don’t love what you do, then it is just ‘work’, and I found that I didn’t have the passion for it anymore and so without me fully committed to it, YBIS ground to a halt where I eventually decided to close the company on October 31st.

Self Trading bought the YBIS website and its assets, and has since repackaged it and sold it, selling it to a colleague who may be better positioned to work it.

Self Trading and Clearance Catering Supplies have plodded on throughout 2013 bringing in steady cash flow, which to be honest, they have for a number of years now. During this year however, I have decided that it was better to look for a pension plan, so to speak of, as I’m not getting any younger; hence the launch of – Oven King.

This company is not about cleaning ovens, for me it’s about building a business that can be franchised, creating the track record of success. Once we are approved by the BFA (British Franchise Association) we will start rolling the franchises out nationally.

The formula does work. We have three vans are flat out all the time. If my guys were the franchisee, they would be earning £1,000 per week on a regular basis, which would satisfy anyone.

What is also been a bug-bearer for me this past year was that I was looking to launch my flagship fast food/restaurant in Bournemouth, but unfortunately the site I had in mind went into receivership which has delayed my plans for this venture.

I am sure this project will be a winner, but I will tell you what is funny; I went to my bank to see if they would finance 50% of the funding, and surprise, surprise, the bank turned me down. The govt say that they are helping small businesses, but as we all know, even with my many years of business experience and success and on top of that banking with the same bank for around 20 years, seeing my account balance anywhere from £10,000 to in excess of £1 million, they still declined to provide the loan facility, totally in contradiction of what we are being told in the Media. Doesn’t the public own RBS, aren’t we the shareholders? I would like to run a business that doesn’t make a profit, but will still pay me a bonus at the end of the year!

In light of these circumstances, this will not stop me from continuing with my plans. I will always find a way to get it done. Hopefully in 2014, the site will become available again and I can move forward with my project.

DS_brainstorming copyAs things are now, with my various brainstorming sessions with myself, I have decided to really push on a couple of businesses that haven’t let me down in the past.

These companies are Self Trading, Self Global and Clearance Catering Supplies. I intend to get them flying in 2014, as they have not had the attention they have deserved this past year.

During November and December of this year, we have started pushing our efforts and full resources into these companies, redoing the website and restructuring the SEO for them, and so far, it is looking really promising. It is giving me hope for the future and I am excited about pushing it to the next level in the New Year, while pursuing the other ventures I have mentioned.

My conclusion to all of this for 2013 is:

Keep on going with business, and if it doesn’t go as planned at first, just keep on going and never feel defeated. If you feel you have the ability, then keep the enthusiasm high and the effort you put in just as high.

What has also kept me going during 2013 has been my loving and supportive wife and the love of my kids, and the continued support of my valued, loyal friend amongst all of my other great mates and colleagues, along with my loyal staff who are all looking forward to the new challenges that are ahead of us, where together, we will succeed.

For everyone that is taking the time to read my blog, I wish you all the happiest of Christmases and the very best of success in your endeavours for