January 2014

Daryl SelfI had a great time over this past Holiday Season with the wife and kids, it was great to see my wonderful young daughter, Lexi, busy putting her ‘Santa’s Christmas list’ together for the first time as she is now at that age where she understands the festive season. Hopefully, I won’t be tripping over the dollhouses and other prezzies that Santa brought her for too much longer!

My main-man, Louis was cool with it, and all-in-all, easy to buy now for as he is at the age where he is happy playing his X-Box and other games, and got his boxing gloves he wanted too, getting ready to get back into boxing this year.

As is usual, my lovely wife, Jo, was busy making sure we were all having a good time over the Holidays and were cared for, bless her. Next Christmas I will make sure that I take here away for a hopefully, bit more relaxing holiday so she can gear up for it! …

I’m now back at the office, after coming back in on the 6th of January, ready to take on the World in the New Year. 2014 is going to be the year for me!

After fulfilling the back-orders for catering and airline stock from the Holiday period, the office is already overwhelmed with emails and phone calls from people and companies wanting to sell their distressed stock. My people and I are already working flat-out in the first week back!

self globalAt this time, I’m working on closing a deal for 300,000 eyeglass frames and it looks like the international trade deal involving five countries I have been working on for a couple of months now, for 125 containers of tinned food, is going according to plan and should land on foreign shores on the African Peninsula within 2 months. This will be the first of many international trades that I hope to become involved in from now on, strengthening the name of Self Global as it truly will be a global enterprise. Every day the stock is coming in and we are in daily buying mode. Buy, buy, buy and sell, sell, sell.

Due to our buying success we are now gaining the confidence of the high street retailers, and we are busy putting deals to them and in turn getting the confidence to buy more stock in higher value and in larger quantities targeted for these type of clients.

It was nice to be acknowledged as having ‘bought right’ when others doubted the purchase, when a Production Company filming at Pinewood Studios called us to buy some of our Air Australia products. We will see them in a movie soon! Thank you Pinewood Studios. I will be delivering the goods myself, just in case they need a Denzel Washington lookalike!

And, even after all of this, in only the first week of the New Year, I have been contacted by TWO separate UK television production companies wanting to film a documentary about how I buy and sell products, providing an insight into the world of trading. And after all, who knows more than me when it comes to wheeling and dealing, bobbing and weaving, making money!

oven cleaningMy oven cleaning company, Oven King, has got off to a great start already with oven cleans that were booked-in prior to Christmas.

I am now getting behind this venture also and looking to build up the daily business orders even more. I may begin looking into the marketplace further, before fully committing to franchising later this year, where I may consider hiring on a marketing person for this role, selling franchises nationally.

I’m still waiting with anticipation to start my fast-food outlet which will be a mixture of quality, fish, chicken and gourmet type burgers. The high-end restaurant will have a liquor license and takeaway facilities in a great location within a high-traffic town centre area.