Girlfriends & Children

Lexi’s unusual birthday present request

This morning I woke up to find my daughter all excited about her newest birthday present  from me. I decided I would follow her unusual request for a birthday present which was a zip wire! She was very excited to start using it, but needed me to actually put it up! Brilliant!

I decided to be the awesome father so went into the garden and started to erect it while she watched eagerly, thankfully it was a sunny day! But being young she kept asking me if it was ready yet bless, thankfully 2 hours later she was able to ride it!


I moved the runners seat placed her carefully on, and sent her flying down, with screams of joy she laughed and smiled, best present ever!


I get so much satisfaction when I make my children smile, long may it continue… The next task is for me to be able to fulfil my sons normal unusual request, but I look forward to it none the less!

I posted a video of the fun times! Check the vid below and you’ll see it!