Girlfriends & Children

My Boys Birthday

Louis’s birthday went without a hitch  a new and interesting venue for an 11 year old birthday, we held it at my friend Issy’s bar The Lost Gardens, thanks Issy for the use of that.

We had obviously non alcoholic cocktails plus a brilliant spread of food, the staff were great and Rossy-B came to DJ for us. I had to put on the entertainment my self as I couldn’t find an entertainer suitable for 11 year olds, but I’m sure I made the kids laugh and smile… I organised a few dance offs and a few cash prizes which they are always happy with.

Louis Candles

I decided to incorporate a balloon ride to break up the afternoon and took 21 kids over to Bournemouth gardens which was a little concerning as we had 21 kids and we had to make sure we had 21 at the to bring back.  The balloon ride went well though and all the kids were having a great time!


All in all it was a great day for my boy, and that’s what it’s all about! As I try to do all the time, make each of my children’s day a happy day so they enjoy their life, and one day even when I’m not around, hopefully they will do the same for their children! I never had that privilege as a child to have parents, so it is important to me to be the best parent I can be.. Sent from my iPad