I feel that I am in a quandrum

Daryl Self
Haven’t put a post on for while as my business life seems to be in a bit of a corundum . I’m coming to the end stages of my business life and I’m trying to build something that will continue to manage and run when I am semi retired , and one day complete retirement at a later stage.

All the businesses that I’ve had over the last 25 years since construction have all been short lived, almost fads as such, where they have made me plenty of money but have peaked out for various reasons, I.e that it might be a fad or that it’s because people have jumped into the business , meaning cut prices, lower profit thus killing the industry, unfortunately instead of building something that has had solid growth and can sustain a strong business for many years it seems that I am starting businesses, taking money from them, and watching their demise, not of course into bankruptcy, but into non profitable concerns.

OvenKing was set up as a pension for me on a 5 year plan which all looked good on paper and still looks good, everything has been set up right , the company style , the area, the marketing, it was set up well, and is ready to go, but you know what, it really, doesn’t suit my personality, I found myself at castle point last week, with balloons, free gifts, giving away flyers, and I thought to myself what the hell am I doing.

So I have decided it’s not for me, I am going to put it on the market and sell it, OvenKing has a great growth potential for a franchise business, so I am left in this big corundum, what do I. I’m 55 years old I have around 5 years of graft left in me..

All my colleagues, friends and family all say who I run my situation past, tell me why do I not get back into the construction industry, where in my early days, took me to unbelievable heights, so I am seriously considering going back into this, but the only way I know how to get back into construction, is start at the bottom with a van, and begin working with the lads and start on one site, then build upto two or three, then more and more. The big money for me is to work in London, as it is booming at this present time, but I’m not sure I really have the energy, to start work in London, traveling and being away from my family. Do I really want it that badly.

I could get busy locally but I don’t really want to get into the cut throat competitiveness of local work, I always seem to keep my old staff on wherever I go , so I can never really start anything without overheads, but I like to be loyal to my old staff, and not let them down when a business dries up.

So where I am at, at the moment I don’t know, London I don’t know, I’m not 100% sold on the construction! I still have a business running currently, I’m cleaning out the warehouse and getting rid of all my trading stock, as that business is completely crap now, as we have no continuity going on, I did however have a few good deals over the years but not enough to make it worth staying in.

So what does a man like me do at 55 that can do almost anything and run it well, haven’t got fortunes to put into something to get it started. I feel like I’m almost starting again .

Thought I’d just air my thoughts, hopefully my next post will be a bit brighter and I’ll be confirming my last direction that I am going in my life, and I will finally end up where I was destined to be, which is at the top.