Business Opportunities

A New Business Begins!


Back to business after my holiday, I had a few slight issues with OvenKing, but they’re all now resolved, while I was away for a week OvenKing ended up breaking its record, for taking over a 7 day period, but we now really understand that the cross selling between carpets and ovens, seems very beneficial, and doubling our income, as of course everybody who has carpets has an oven,

We are now in the domestic cleaning industry, as I might say, is not an appealing, desirable nor glamorous sector, neither where I envisioned myself being, at this stage in my life, but however its keeping the wood from the trees, so I will keep flogging away at both business until such time I am able to sell out, or Franchise to the correct level, and hopefully end up with a business a bit more desirable, but money is money and when things are going well it makes any business enjoyable, but unfortunately at this stage as with any business I am on the ground level with it, and I am finding myself out there cleaning carpets, which I don’t really mind that much vise versa too.  So the cross selling is working very well, hence the start of CarpetLocal, which is launching on the 23rd August, which should, in a very short space of time double our income.


I have however managed to cheat a bit by not actually cleaning an oven to date, I do hope I can keep that record up!  If I don’t, I might end up putting my head in an oven and turning the gas on!

I still feel as hungry as I was 25 years ago and I still think I will end up achieving my end target of where I want to be!

So keep your eyes peeled! You might see me carpet cleaning in Bournemouth soon!


Brilliant Family Holiday In Majorca

photo (4)Following on from my last article, and being in a quandrum, unfortunately returning from holiday I am still in the same position, plenty of time though to sit back and think of what I want to be doing, but no real inspiration arose during my holiday.  I was hoping being along the beach or by swimming pool with the sun beating down may have activated some thought from the puturity gland in the back of my head, and a great opportunity to kick in, but it did not.

The holiday in Majorca with my kids was fantastic, we went to where we normally stay in Puerto Portals, and enjoyed it immensely, and what also made it a great holiday is quite a lot of my friends from Bournemouth turned up as well, not to mention James Bronson, Black Nigle, Bill Butler, Andy Price, Aide Price, plus many more!

photo (3)

photo 1 (2)

It was quite an adventurous holiday with a few trips out to Western Waterpark in Magaluf, which was quite entertaining, I did joke to my wife, that I think i’ve found hell, but bless, the kids they enjoyed it.

We had a  good afternoon at Nikki beach and caught up with the lads, and had a stroll through Magaluf, which is actually not that bad, and another exploration day was the

photo 2 (2)

Caves of Drach which ended up being a really funny experience, as we sat in the ordittorium , with 500 people waiting for the show to start, which was comprised by 3 boats on the water slowly coming towards you playing funeral music, everybody was really engrossed, you could hear a pin drop!

Lexi, bless her, started making funny noises and shouted out a word I wouldn’t mention on my blog!   It made many people laugh while others were horrified ,Jo Louis and myself were in stitches,  while people were telling us to be quiet!  The show was terrible, but we still enjoyed the day out as it was fun misbehaving!

Luckily we chose a rainy day to take that trip, we are now back and I’m putting things together with the team to keep us ticking over until the magic deal turns up!